Brazilian Lacewood

Brazilian Lacewood is a very special wood, both acoustically and visually. Its grain captures all our attention, while it evokes the skin of some reptiles. About the sound, this wood has brilliant and clear tones.

Brazilian Lacewood has some difficulties to be manipulated and to work it with, but if you do it well, Brazilian Lacewood backs for Classic guitar of Maderas Barber will make you fall in love with them.

BOTANIC NAME: Roupala brasiliensis, Roupala Montana.

COMMON NAMES : : Brazilian Lacewood, Louro Faia, Leopardwood, Brazilian Silky Oak.

ORIGIN:  Tropical South America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 885 Kg/m3.  Has a very conspicuous flecking that gives this wood its namesake. It has a reddish brown with grey or light brown rays, which result in a lace pattern when quarter sawn.  The grain is usually straight. Fine to medium texture.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Easy wood to work with. Easy gluing and finishing.

DRYING: Drying process is slow and must be done carefully.

USES:  Laminated  guitar backs and sides. “Cajon flamenco”.

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