Bocote is a very demanded wood thanks to is great sonority and its particular beauty. Bocote has a brown color with parallel dark lines making some figures. In addition, this wood has a warm and powerful tone, with a great sustain and stability.

This wood has a high density, which makes Bocote a good option to reflect the sound of the instrument: the best attribute that a back of classic guitar could have.

Check our Bocote backs for classic guitar in Maderas Barber.

BOTANIC NAME: Cordia eleagnoides

COMMON NAMES : Bocote, Bucote, Cordia, Barcino, Cueramo

ORIGIN:  Mexico

DESCRIPTION: Density 950-1200 Kg/m3.  Has a yellowish-brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes. Colour tends to darken with age. The grain patterning can be quite striking, particularly on flatsawn areas. It’s not uncommon to see many “eyes” and other figuring in Bocote.  It is heavy and resistant.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Bocote is easily worked and machined with good results.  Bocote also turns and finishes well. knots do not seem to present any special challenges in machining.

DRYING: Drying process is slow and must be done carefully.

USES:  Guitar  backs and sides, headplates, fingerboards and bridges.

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