Approximated backs dimensions for classic guitar: (550x200x4mm) x2

Classic guitar backs are those pieces that when we join them together, we are closing the sounding board of the instrument. The back of the guitar serves two major functions: reflect and diffuse the sound that top guitar produces. That’s why, the election of the back will affect mostly the timbre of the instrument.

Backs are composed by the same wood than sides in order to create a symmetric and harmonic instrument.

Generally, we tend to undervalue this part of the guitar and its influence in the sound of the instrument. But it is shown that backs are more important than we think and that they influence in the sound in a 20%.

In Maderas Barber, we offer a huge variety of backs in different woods because it is known that each one affects to the sound in a different way. In addition, the appearance of the wood is something very appreciated in classic guitar backs, since they could have figures, flames or curly figures which give an exotic and unique touch to a classic guitar.

Discover the huge range of classic guitar backs that we have in Ebony, Mahogany, Indian Rosewood, Ziricote, Cocobolo and many more, always related to sides in order to create a complete experience.

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