Our Ash is that known as Swamp Ash. This species has some different peculiarities from the other versions of Ash. This one grows in marshy areas of the US, and therefore, it has a different growth. This difference also has an impact on its use for the manufacture of instruments.

Swamp Ash is less rigid and stable. However, it is a wood much lighter and with better sound properties. This variety has a warmer sound, better sound resonance and brighter tones.

As a result, Swamp Ash is used especially in guitar bodies, sides and backs: the pieces that make up the instrument's soundboard.

Many of the manufacturers that chose this wood, chose it not only for its sound benefits, but also for its striking appearance: a spectacular flamed curl that appears on its surface. As an anecdote, some of the best Fender Teles and Stratos (USA) in history, have been made with this wood.

At Maderas Barber we offer you the opportunity to discover Ash backs so that you can get a much more brilliant sound with your classic guitar.

BOTANIC NAME: Fraxinus Americana.

COMMON NAMES: White Ash, American White Ash.

ORIGIN:  North America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 660 Kg/m3. The heartwood is a light to medium brown colour. Sapwood can be very wide, and tends to be a beige or light brown; not always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood. The grain is almost always straight and regular, though sometimes moderately curly or figured boards can be found.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Produces good results with hand or machine tools. Responds well to steam bending. Glues, stains, and finishes well. Dulling effect.

DRYING: Easy and fast drying.

USES: Musical instruments. Flooring, millwork, boxes/crates, baseball bats, and other turned objects such as tool handles.

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