Malaysian Blackwood

As other Ebony species, Malaysian Blackwood has a high density, a perfect quality to reflect the sound in the sounding board like a few tonewoods can do.

Another remarkable characteristic is its olive-green color, what makes Green Ebony a very special wood that luthiers usually demand to make different instruments.

Meet Malaysian Blackwood backs for classic guitar in Maderas Barber, a stunning wood that won’t let you down.

Additional Malaysian Blackwood information

BOTANIC NAME: Diospyros Durionoides

COMMON NAMESMalaysian Blackwood, Green Ebony

ORIGIN:  Central America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 1000-1300 Kg/m3 . Sapwood is white and heartwood is black/brown with stripes in different tones but mainly green olive colour.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Store it at right temperature to prevent cracks. Can cause skin problems.

DRYING: An uncommon characteristic of the green ebony , if it cracks before drying process it is possible that after drying the crack seals disappearing without a trace.

USES:  Guitar backs and sides and also fingerboards, bridges and headplates.

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