In most of the modern instruments, the frets are thin strips of metal made of steel, nickel or nickel silver, which are embedded in the fingerboard. In some ancient instruments from outside Europe, the frets were just strings attached to the neck. The frets are located on the fingerboard, and they are separated one from each other according to the musical scale chosen for each instrument.

Pressing a string on one fret, you will produce a musical note. The frets are spaced according to a mathematical rule, so each fret produces a different note. More concretely, each fret produces a musical note in one semitone higher than the previous fret. Commonly, frets divide the fingerboard in semitones, as it happens in the classic guitar: one fret is equivalent to one semitone. In Maderas Barber we offer you different models of frets for classic guitar both fluted and flat frets.

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