Classical guitars not only wood, in Maderas Barber we provide you a wide range of accessories.

In our online shop, you will find indispensable accessories for the classic guitar building and maintenance of the instrument.

In our accessories for classic guitar you will find various items, all you need to make the best use of the wood. You will find a multitude of products like Rosettes, Frets, Bindings, Tuners, and many more, all of them necessary for the day-to-day of the luthier.



  • Rosettes

    Rosettes are a decorative element set into the exterior surface of the guitar, around the sound hole. The rosette has a decorative and artistic purpose together with the headplate and the bridge help to customized the guitar.  Rosettes often serves as a luthier’s signature.

    The rosette is not only a decorative element, it also reinforces the area from cracking either from dryness or an accidental hit.

    Some guitar makers do their own rosettes, however in Maderas Barber we have various and precious rosettes to avoid the time employed on the rosettes making. Our rosettes are pretty and high quality.

  • Color Veneer

    Sycamore 0,5 mm

    In Maderas Barber we offer you a big range of colour veneer for classic guitar. Discover all you can do with them: decorate your guitar making colour bindings or give that touch of colour to your instrument with thin sycamore veneers in 0,5 mm, tinted in green, red, black, yellow, or blue.

  • Natural Veneer

    Our natural sycamore veneer is the perfect accessory in order to decorate your classic guitar. With this kind of veneer your guitar will have a natural and delicate touch at a special low price. In Maderas Barber we have available a large range of thickness: since 0,4 mm till 1mm. In addition, you will enjoy of the lightness and the easy handling of this natural sycamore veneer for classic guitar. This material gives beauty to the wood and an extra value to your work.

  • Machine Heads

    The machine heads or tuners for classic guitar are that part of the instruments which serves to tighten or loosen the strings with the goal of keeping it in tune.

    The machine heads work in a similar way of a screw: to get an idea of what it is, if you turn each peace, you will press or loosen the strings of the instrument.

    Therefore, the importance of having good tuners in your instrument is more than obvious. Our machine heads are selected to satisfy the needs of luthiers, and we have available a wide range of designs: from the most classics to the most trendsetting.

    In Maderas Barber, we have machine heads made by Ebony and of a wide variety of brands: Schaller®, Gotoh®, Van Gent® and Ping Well®.

  • Strings

    There are two fundamental factors to take into account when choosing classical guitar; tension and material. Regarding tension, with higher tension there is more difficulty to play, but at the same time the strings give more volume to the instrument and a higher sound. With a low tension the strings of the guitar are easier to play, but their sound is lower, and they have less volume.

    With regard to material the most common is that the high strings are made of Nylon, Titanium or Carbon fiber and in the case of the bass these are usually Nylon with a copper or silver braid. It is important when selecting the strings to think about what sound we want to transmit, the experience as a guitarist and the type of guitar. In Maderas Barber we offer a wide range of high quality Classical Guitar strings to make your choice a little easier.

  • Other Decorations

    In Maderas Barber we like singularity and special designs. Therefore, we offer you different kinds of decorations to give an authentic touch to your classic guitar. We have two kinds of decorations for classic guitar: decorations for rossetes and decorations for bridges. And all them with a great quality.

    Give an attractive design to your guitar thanks to all these different decorations of Maderas Barber.

  • Guitar Cases and Covers

    There is something more important than our guitar, and that is to protect it. We know the value, the invest and the effort that an instrument mean for someone, so we want to offer you the best variety of guitar cases and cover in order to protect your instrument in the best way. And this big variety include different colours, qualities and designs.

  • Pickguards

    If you pay attention to the wear of guitars, most of them suffer the biggest wear at the top, just in the area where the strings strikes. And with the pass of time, our tops will wear more with the contact of ours hands and picks. In Maderas Barber we offer you pickguards for classic guitar because in addition to protect our instruments, they are a decorative element which gives your guitar a special and personalized touch.

  • Nuts & Saddles

    When we talk about nuts and saddles of guitar, we are also talking about bridges and fingerboards. In Maderas Barber we have different types of nuts and saddles, and finished nuts and saddles which speed up the fabrication of the guitar.

    All our models are made of bovine bone, but of different countries: Japan, France and Spain. All of them have a high quality and they are also easy to manipulate because to their natural density. The acoustic of all our nuts and saddles is definitely very good, and its low price makes it one of the best-selling product.

  • Inside the Box

    In a guitar, soundboard braces and braces are so important as the top or the back where they are integrated. Guitar bracing is essential since it plays a central role in the instrument structure and its sound.

    Braces have a structural function, while soundboard braces arrange the vibration modes along the top. Depending on the top proprieties, the soundboard braces are designed with different length, width and height. According to the quantity of wooden struts and how are they going to be placed, there many different bracing patterns.

  • Nomex

    The construction of a Nomex top should be called as “Double top” and consists in a “sandwich” made by two outer sheets of wood, separated by Nomex. The result is like the structure we would obtain if we cut a thin sheet of a honeycomb. The walls of the cells are about 0,2 mm thick, and the size of the cells is of approximately 3,5 mm between opposed vertices.

    This material is extremely light and is composed by Kevlar fibre. It was first developed as a thermal insulating in the manufacturing of clothing and footwear for astronauts, but now is used in the construction of boards and light structures in aeronautic industry, classic guitars and other applications.

  • Purflings

    Formerly, purflings for guitars were used when the finish of wood was faulty and the cut wasn’t very precise. But with the pass of time, purflings were also used as a technique of guitar customization. Nowadays, purflings are commonly used in many models of classic guitar and the designs have developed in thousands of types and shapes to decorate instruments. In Maderas Barber we offer you many models and designs of purflings for making your guitar unique.

  • Reinforcements (Top/Back/Side/Neck)

    The interior reinforcements for classic guitar are an essential element to give stability and rigidity to your instrument. These reinforcements are certainly very important to improve the acoustic and the sound of the guitar. These reinforcements are ready to adapt to different shapes of wood and, in Maderas Barber, we have available many models to reinforce all the parts of the guitar, no matter the wood which it is made. We offer reinforcements of different woods and materials to cover the needs of any luthier.

  • Frets

    In most of the modern instruments, the frets are thin strips of metal made of steel, nickel or nickel silver, which are embedded in the fingerboard. In some ancient instruments from outside Europe, the frets were just strings attached to the neck. The frets are located on the fingerboard, and they are separated one from each other according to the musical scale chosen for each instrument.

    Pressing a string on one fret, you will produce a musical note. The frets are spaced according to a mathematical rule, so each fret produces a different note. More concretely, each fret produces a musical note in one semitone higher than the previous fret. Commonly, frets divide the fingerboard in semitones, as it happens in the classic guitar: one fret is equivalent to one semitone. In Maderas Barber we offer you different models of frets for classic guitar both fluted and flat frets.