Other Decorations

In Maderas Barber we like singularity and special designs. Therefore, we offer you different kinds of decorations to give an authentic touch to your classic guitar. We have two kinds of decorations for classic guitar: decorations for rossetes and decorations for bridges. And all them with a great quality.

Give an attractive design to your guitar thanks to all these different decorations of Maderas Barber.

Other Decorations 


  • Rosettes Decorations

    We all know that rosettes for classic guitar are an essential complement for our guitars. In Maderas Barber we want to go further, and challenge you with these Abalone decorations for your rosettes.

    Rosette decorations are the personal touch for each guitar, and our decorations are the best way to make your classic guitar unique and special.

  • Bridges Decorations

    When we imagine a new guitar, we don’t always think in little details. Maybe, we just focalize in which wood we are going to use in tops, backs and in the fingerboard. That is not what we want in Maderas Barber. That’s why we offer you a large variety of bridge decorations.

    Our bridge decorations are designed specially for classic guitar, and we cover all different needs and preferences of luthiers and large brands of instrument builders. With them, you will achieve an authentic and special design for your guitar.