Formerly, purflings for guitars were used when the finish of wood was faulty and the cut wasn’t very precise. But with the pass of time, purflings were also used as a technique of guitar customization. Nowadays, purflings are commonly used in many models of classic guitar and the designs have developed in thousands of types and shapes to decorate instruments. In Maderas Barber we offer you many models and designs of purflings for making your guitar unique.



  • Plywood colour bindings

    Purflings 5 mm for classic guitar are made in Sicomoro dyed wood veneer, and they are the perfect option to personalize and decorate the instrument, leaving it more attractive and coloured.

  • Several Purflings

    In Maderas Barber we have available various purflings to decorate your classic guitar. Find the best one for your instrument among our wide range of models with different designs and thickness. Our different combinations of purflings of dyed wood veneer in black and white are the perfect option for your classic guitar.

  • Wood Bindings

    Purflings and bindings are now very important in the decoration and customization of classic guitar. We could say that now they are essential. In Maderas Barber, we have available different wood bindings for this instrument, made with different kind of woods: exotic, classic or elegant, depending on the needs of the luthier.

  • Fingerboard Wood Bindings

    The fingerboard wood bindings are accessories for classic guitar which let you personalize a lot your instrument. You can put them along the fingerboard to achieve a unique and singular piece, with the warmth which wood provides to any instrument.

  • Bindings, Backstrips and Sides Joint