Nuts & Saddles

When we talk about nuts and saddles of guitar, we are also talking about bridges and fingerboards. In Maderas Barber we have different types of nuts and saddles, and finished nuts and saddles which speed up the fabrication of the guitar.

All our models are made of bovine bone, but of different countries: Japan, France and Spain. All of them have a high quality and they are also easy to manipulate because to their natural density. The acoustic of all our nuts and saddles is definitely very good, and its low price makes it one of the best-selling product.

Nuts & Saddles 


  • Finished Nuts & Saddles

    In Maderas Barber, we want to accelerate the process of fabrication of our guitars and we have added a category of finished products, which also includes nuts and saddles. We offer you a wide range of nuts and saddles for fingerboards and bridges with a beautifully finished and a perfect acoustic, which reach the expectations of best luthiers and brands.

  • Nuts

    Fingerboards nuts are an important piece for having a good acoustic in our classic guitar, since they are essential for the good positions and balance of our strings. In Maderas Barber we offer you various models of nuts of different qualities and nationalities made of bovine bone.

  • Saddles

    Our bridge nuts for classic guitar are made of natural bovine bone from different countries. The stand out because of having a great acoustic. We also offer you a new model made of carbon fibre with similar characteristics to natural bones which are becoming very popular in the musical industry.