Machine Heads

The machine heads or tuners for classic guitar are that part of the instruments which serves to tighten or loosen the strings with the goal of keeping it in tune.

The machine heads work in a similar way of a screw: to get an idea of what it is, if you turn each peace, you will press or loosen the strings of the instrument.

Therefore, the importance of having good tuners in your instrument is more than obvious. Our machine heads are selected to satisfy the needs of luthiers, and we have available a wide range of designs: from the most classics to the most trendsetting.

In Maderas Barber, we have machine heads made by Ebony and of a wide variety of brands: Schaller®, Gotoh®, Van Gent® and Ping Well®.

Machine Heads 


  • Ebony Pegs

    In the origins of classic guitar or Spanish guitar, luthiers built their instruments inserting directly ebony pegs into the neck of the guitar. Nowadays, although modern metal machine heads are more used, there are still many constructors of Flamenco and classic guitars who prefer ebony pegs, and who are keeping alive this old tradition.

    In addition, ebony pegs have some advantages. They are traditional, elegant and easy to use and to insert into the guitar. The material of ebony pegs makes them lighter and cheaper than most of the metal machine heads, and according to many luthiers, ebony pegs have a better sound.

    You can take up this tradition again thanks to ebony pegs in Maderas Barber.

  • Gotoh

    Gotoh® is a high-quality machine head manufacturer who compete hand in hand with Schaller®. Gotoh® machine head is very competitive, with a wide range of varieties. They provide models with a great quality-price ratio.

    Its durability and precision are the main characteristics of this machine head. They ensure a delicate and constant tuning since all the pieces are hand-made. In addition, this machine heads is permanently lubricated and it never swings.

    In Maderas Barber, we have different kinds of Gotoh® machine heads to cover all possible needs and preferences. 

  • Ping Well

    Ping Well® machine head is very precise, it has a great design and it’s also very easy to insert. For all this, this product guarantees a high quality and a constant tuning.

    In Maderas Barber we have different designs and we combine both classic and trendsetting designs, with a perfect tuning and a great quality-price ratio. These reasons make Ping Well® machine head one of the best accessories for classic guitar.

  • Schaller

    Schaller® was a pioneer brand in the use of cast, sealed and lubricated worm gear, innovations which have been copied by many other fabricants of machine head. Schaller® machine head has good characteristics like its replaceable knobs or buttons and its adjustable tension. Reasons which make Schaller® machine heads remain one of the best options on the market.

    All these machine heads are lubricated with special Schaller® grease, which gives this machinery a long service life without the need of being maintained all the time. In addition, this machine head are precision handmade pieces which achieve a delicate and constant tuning.

    Discover the quality of Schaller® machine head for classic guitar in Maderas Barber.

  • Van Gent

    With Dutch origins, Van Gent® offers high quality pieces to a good price for over sixty years. In this category, you will find machine heads for classic guitar with different styles and designs so you could choose the best accessory for your instrument. Because having a tuned guitar is essential.

  • Perona