Kingwood is a very treasured tonewood thanks to its sound and physical qualities.

Kingwood is one of the densest and strongest woods used in musical instruments, what makes it perfect for the construction of bridges. This part of the instrument needs hardness and a high resistance in order to bear the string tension and all the wear that the guitar suffer there.

But there are also other qualities in this tonewood: its elegant appearance. Choosing Kingwood for your classic guitar will guarantee you a different and unique instrument. Discover this exotic and stunning tonewood for your classic guitar bridges in Maderas Barber.

BOTANIC NAME: Dalbergia cearensis.


ORIGIN: Brazil.

DESCRIPTION: Density 1020 kg/m3. Heartwood is a dark purplish or reddish brown with darker black streaks. Sapwood is a pale yellow. Grain is usually straight; occasionally interlocked. Fine, uniform texture and a high natural luster.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Tends to be difficult to work due to its high density. Kingwood has a moderate blunting effect on cutters, and tear out can occur during planning if interlocked grain is present. Can be difficult to glue due to natural oils and high density. Turns very well and takes a high polish.

DRYING: Dries slowly. Natural oils can interrupt the process.

USES: Guitar tops, backs, fingerboards and bridges.

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