Approximated headplates dimensions for classic guitar: 200x90x3,5 mm

Headplates for classic guitar are located on the head of the guitar. They have a similar function to the fingerboard, so these two parts are usually done with the same tonewood.

In order to select the wood for the headplate, it’s important to chose one with great density, since this part of the instrument suffer a lot of wear.

It’s necessary to remark that headplate is not a decisive piece in the sound of the guitar, although it is one of the most visible parts of the instrument. Even when the guitarist is playing the instrument, the headplate is never covered or hidden, that’s the reason why some brands put there its logo.

Besides, headplates are very used by constructors in order to give the instrument an exotic or special esthetic. The most used tonewoods in headplates are Ebony and Indian Rosewood, but in Maderas Barber we have a range variety of woods which can be also used in this part of the instrument because they have many good proprieties.

If you want to make something new or different in your guitar or if you prefer a classic style, try our headplates for classic guitar in different models and tonewoods. They won’t let you down!

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