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Knobloch is a Girona company founded in 1971. They are specialists in the manufacture of strings, where they carefully select the materials and put special attention in the manufacturing process and in the final packaging, giving a high quality product.

The strings they create are for musicians, adapting to the maximum to each guitarist, to each situation and to each instrument in particular. For that reason, they have a wide range of high quality strings for each specific need, achieving a perfect sound and a great durability.

Located a few kilometers from Barcelona, its headquarters is in an area known for its mountainous landscape, halfway between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. From this privileged position they manufacture Knobloch strings, paying special attention to the selection of materials, the manufacturing process and the final packaging to offer a high quality product to professional guitarists.

To manufacture high quality strings,  they always select the best materials to guarantee a perfect sound and durability. The combination of these materials with the use of specialized machines allows them to ensure the uniformity, stability and precision of each string.

Their strings are manufactured and checked one by one by specialized personnel. The limited production of strings ensures better quality control and the seal on the packaging provides optimal conditions for the preservation of the basses.

Knobloch is a sustainable company, with the aim of minimizing waste, they have reduced the packaging of each set of strings. They also encourage artists to recycle the packaging and give a second life to their used strings through projects such as Second Strings or by reusing them for art or jewelry projects (especially their Silver Sterling line).

At Knobloch Strings they not only care about the environment, but also about their social responsibility as a company. They consider their employees as part of their family and therefore give them flexibility so that they can reconcile their work and family life.

They believe that happy people are happy workers and this positive energy finds its way into their strings.

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