Approximated binfings dimensions for classic guitar: 800x70x... mm

The thickness of the bindings depends on the model you chose. In Maderas Barber we have different dimensions depending on your needs: 3,5 , 4,5 , 5,5 , 6 and 7 mm.

Generally, purflings or bindings are the wood lines which are used for decorate, protect and reinforce the border of classic guitar tops and backs. Apart from the headplates, they are the unique elements which permit personalize the instrument.

Bindings were originally used when there was some imperfection in the instrument. But with the pass of time, they started to being used in order to decorate and personalize the classic guitar. Nowadays, they are even match together with the design of rossetes.

Besides, bindings are also a way to demonstrate what the luthier is capable of doing with ability and precision, since bindings are very tiny pieces which has to been manipulated accurately.

In Maderas Barber we offer you different models of bindings for classic guitar so you can choose the best one for your needs and your instrument.



  • Mahogany (CITES)

    Mahogany is a tonewood very treasured by luthiers, with the ability of giving to any guitar an elegant and classic touch. It also has a great response to the sound and it’s very easy to work with.

    Find your Mahogany bindings in Maderas Barber and personalize your instrument with high quality wood.

  • Cypress

    Cypress wood is considered soft and light, but resistant at the same time. These three qualities are very desirable in a classic guitar binding. Besides, it is very easy to manipulate and to become in a guitar binding both for classic guitar and Flamenco.

    Get your Cypress bindings at the best prices and with the best quality in Maderas Barber. And of course, its wonderful smell.

  • Cocobolo (CITES)

    Cocobolo is a tonewood which surprises everyone thanks to its wide range of colors, which goes from yellow to purple and its beauty grain and figures.

    It is a hard and resistant wood with a big resistance to wear. For all this, don’t hesitate in choosing Cocobolo bindings for classic guitar if you want to give an exotic touch to your instrument.

  • Indian Rosewood

    There is no doubt that Indian Rosewood is one of the most used woods in instrument construction, due to its great beauty and good acoustic. It is very treasured for its wide range of tonalities which gives a lot of elegance to your instrument: brown, rose and even purple.

    In Maderas Barber, we have Indian Rosewood bindings for classic guitar in order to make your instrument unique.

  • Madagascar Rosewood (CITES)

    Madagascar Rosewood is a hard tonewood very similar to Brazilian Rosewood, but with the advantage of being lighter. With the pass of time, this tonewood has become essential for luthiers. Besides, Madagascar Rosewood has a precious appearance and bright colors.

    Don’t miss the opportunity of getting these Madagascar Rosewood bindings and giving to your classic guitar an exotic and elegant touch.

  • Santos Rosewood

    BOTANIC NAME: Machaerium scleroxylon.

    COMMON NAMES: Pau Ferro, Morado, Bolivian Rosewood, Santos Rosewood.

    ORIGIN: Brazil.

    DESCRIPTION: Density 940 kg/m3. Colour can be highly varied, ranging from reddish/orange to a dark violet/brown, usually with contrasting darker black streaks. Narrow sapwood is a pale yellow and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Grain is typically straight, though sometimes slightly irregular or interlocked. Fine, even texture and a naturally high luster.

    RECOMMENDATIONS: Pau Ferro is considered overall to be of fair workability, as it can blunt the cutting edges of tools, and any irregular grain has a tendency to tear out during machining operations. Also, many of the same challenges in gluing rosewoods are common to Pau Ferro as well. Pau Ferro turns and finishes well. Can cause eye and skin irritation.

    DRYING: Dries slowly. No risk of deformation but it can crack.

    USES: Guitar tops, backs, fingerboards , headplates and bridges. Wind instruments

  • African Mahogany

    African Mahogany shares a lot of qualities with common Mahogany, although this one is darker, easier to work with and with a more affordable price.

    This tonewood is excellent for this part of the instrument thanks to its ease to paint on it, and because it suits with any kind of color and finish.

    Discover African Mahogany bindings for classic guitar in Maderas barber and make your own and unique design with it.

  • Sapele

    Sapele is the economic and African alternative to Mahogany. This wood offers a good finishing and an attractive aesthetic, apart from being more sustainable.

    If we match this to its great value for money, the result is better. Sapele bindings for classic guitar are a smart and elegant option for our instrument.

  • Sycamore

    Sycamore is a very uniform wood: both regarding to its appearance and regarding to its grain. Besides, it is a hard and stable wood.

    With these properties, Sycamore bindings for classic guitar of Maderas Barber are a great option to finish your instrument with a touch of class.

  • Sonokeling

    Sonokeling wood has a lot of common with Indian Rosewood, but with some differences. Sonokeling has different varieties of colors and a minor hardness. That’s why its growth is much more different.

    To those who look for a similar beauty to Indian Rosewood but at an economic price, Sonokeling bindings for classic guitar are the perfect option.