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Schaller is a German musical instrument manufacturer that designs, produces and sells guitar tuners, bridges, tremolos, strap fasteners and other guitar accessories.

It is one of the most recognized suppliers in the musical instrument industry.

The Schaller company was founded in 1945 by Helmut Schaller, who was a toolmaker and master radio mechanic. His radio repair shop flourished in the 1950s. During that time another department was created, dedicated to the development of amplifiers and loudspeakers , which proved so successful that the entire company was restructured and renamed "Schaller Electronic". Soon echo and reverberation devices were added to the portfolio. 

In 1953, Schaller began manufacturing electric guitar components, such as pickups and switches, for Fred Wilfer's guitar company Framus, which was located in Bavaria.

Two years later, other German guitar manufacturers such as Höfner, Hopf and Hoyer also became customers. In the 1960s, American guitar manufacturers including Fender, Gibson, CF Martin and Ovation began to rely on Schaller products for their guitars and basses. 

Given the success it was enjoying, Schaller expanded its portfolio to tremolos, bridges and headstock. The "M6" became the world's first fully enclosed, self-locking headstock.

Schaller's catalog grew and grew, so much so that renowned luthiers began to equip their guitars with Schaller components.

In our store you will find a wide variety of Schaller guitar tuning machines.

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