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D'Addario is one of the most inspiring and admired global companies that make the perfect tools to make your instrument perform at the highest level and have the best possible sound.

A familiar company making strings since the 17th century, they have expanded into all forms of music, whether it be woodwind, percussion, orchestral and much more.

For the past nine generations, they have followed a simple mission: to create products that inspire higher levels of musical performance. But for D'addario, it doesn't just start in the lab or the warehouse.

Since Charles D'Addario emigrated to the United States in 1905, they have approached each day by looking at life through the perspective of a pioneer.

And to this day, they constantly delve into uncharted sonic territory. If a product sounds good, it's not good enough.

That's when they get down to the details to solve problems the musicians didn't even know existed. This could be finding the perfect surface for a drumhead. Infusing a new alloy into a core wire. Or meticulously inspecting miles of reed fields in France and Argentina to ensure that their reeds are the most balanced in the business.

This relentless pursuit of perfection is how they pioneered products like Phosphor Bronze in 1974. It's how they built the first automatic wire winding machine. And it's how they've earned more patents on music products than any other company in the industry.

It has a wide range of materials to create a set of strings different from the usual ones. Within this range, we have strings for: viola, violin, cello, flamenco guitars, electric guitars... to get the best sound for your musical instrument.

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