Classic G. EJ-45 Normal D'Addario Strings Set

Classic Guitar EJ45 Normal D'Addario Strings Set

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  • Classic EJ45 normal: These Classic EJ45 strings with standard tension, are the D'Addario's best-selling classic set of strings. That’s thanks to their combination of rich tones and comfort in touch. These strings with "premium" quality have been manufactured with laser-computerized processes to adjust their diameter and tension with precision, and to guarantee a magnificent and accurate sound. This model called also Proarte has a silver wound on multifilament nylon thread for a consistent and warm sound. All D'Addario strings are made in the USA and come in a strong wrap to protect the strings from corrosion by the action of the environment.


  • Calibers:

1st Nylon = 0.71 mm

2nd Nylon = 0.82 mm

3rd Nylon = 1.02 mm

4th Nylon = 0.74 mm

5th Nylon = 0.89 mm

6th Nylon = 1.09 mm


  • Tension:

1st: 7.36kg

2ª - 5,46kg

3rd - 5.39kg

4th- 7,08kg

5th - 7.21kg

6ª- 6,43kg


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Classic Guitar EJ45 Normal D'Addario Strings Set

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