Soprano Ukelele EJ87S D'Addario Strings Set

Soprano Ukulele EJ87S D'Addario Strings Set

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  • Description: Optimized for standard GCEA tuned Soprano Ukuleles. D’ Addario Titanium Ukulele strings are made of a dense monofilament material that has an attractive translucent tone, a polished and soft touch, similar to nylon. This unique material is beneficial for the Ukulele, due to its slightly brighter tone and more projection, which achieves more volume, clarity and dynamics.

  • Calibers:

1st  0.028"

2nd 0.033"

3rd 0.040"

4th 0.029"

  • Tension:

1st:  8,3lbs

2nd- 6,6lbs

3rd - 6,0lbs

4th - 7,1lbs

7 Items


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Soprano Ukulele EJ87S D'Addario Strings Set

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