Classic Guitar XTC45 D'Addario Strings Set

Classic Guitar XTC45 D'Addario Strings Set

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  • Description: String set for Spanish guitar XTC45 medium composed of Pro Arte high strings and Composite bass strings. Its 3 bass strings incorporate a special XT twist finish with anti-corrosion protection. Normal tension. Its state-of-the-art coating ensures a 4 times longer life when using this string without sacrificing the classic touch and sound that characterizes the D "addario string. They provide the musician with a longer life, better intonation and better dynamic response.

  • Calibers:

1st  0.028"

2nd 0.032" 

3rd 0.040"

4th 0.028"

5th 0.035"

6th 0.044"

  • Tension:

1st: 16,2lbs

2nd- 12,04lbs

3rd - 11,8lbs

4th - 15,62lbs

5th - 15,89lbs

6th - 14,19lbs

10 Items
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