Red Cedar Soundhole Reinforcement for Classic

Red Cedar Soundhole Reinforcement for Classic

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  • Thick: 2 mm
  • Botanical name: Thuja plicata.
  • Origin: Canada
  • Density: 330-390 kg/m3

  • Description: This Reinforcement protects Classic Guitars Soundboard from breaks or cracks.


    The Soundhole Reinforcement of Maderas Barber has been made with Red Cedar, a wood highly appreciated for its physical characteristics to build the Classic Guitar Tops.


    The Soundboard is the most important part of a guitar, especially speaking about sound, so it is necessary to take careof it and protect it, and Red Cedar will not reduce the quality of sound.


    In addition to Rosettes, in Maderas Barber we believe that Tops need more protection, so the best option are the Soundole Reinforcements, a simple and economical way to protect our guitars from any breaks or cracks.



Western Red Cedar
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