The Ovangkol, is an aesthetical beautiful wood. Its sound goes between the Indian Rosewood’s warmth and depth, and the maple’s treble or highs, which are perfect qualities to make acoustic guitar backs.

In addition, this wood offers more advantages: it is quite easy to work, economic and it is beautiful, without neglecting that it is a sustainable alternative if it is compared with other species more popular.

Ovangkol has been used for several years, by some of the largest high-end factories, especially Taylor, Lowden and Avalon. The combination of affordability, beauty and tonality, has made it one of the favorite woods of the luthiers and large manufacturers. Get to discover the Ovangkol backs for acoustic guitar from Maderas Barber: the ideal option to combine sustainability, ease of work and visual beauty.

BOTANICAL NAME: Guibortia ehie


ORIGIN: Central Africa

DESCRIPTION:780-825 kg/m3 density. The sapwood color is yellowish white, turning into grey when it gets dry and the heartwood is yellowish-brown, sometimes dark grains appear.

SUGGESTIONS: Occasionally, there’ll be areas with off-white deposits that could be removed with hot water.

DRYING: Drying speed goes from regular to slow. It has some risks of deformations.

USES: It’s used for numerous purposes, from furniture to floors and, of course, musical instruments too.

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