The Sapele is an African wood with similar features to the Mahogany, both in the physical and acoustic aspects. In fact, it is considered as the most affordable alternative and it is appreciated for having a brighter sound when it has a higher density.

This wood presents a good finish, a colorful aesthetic and it projects the sound very well in the soundboard. In addition, we should not forget that this is a very sustainable wood, which has made it a very demanded wood by the luthiers. Acoustically, the Sapele enhances the middle tones and has one similar to the Hard Maple, with the advantage of being warmer.

Its great availability, allows it to offer a great relationship between quality-price. Do not miss the competitiveness and balance of Sapele's backs for acoustic guitar available in Maderas Barber

BOTANICAL NAME: Entandrophragma cylindricum Sprague


ORIGIN: Central Africa

DESCRIPTION:650 Kg/m3 density. The Sapwood color goes from pale grey to cream and the heartwood goes from pink, fresh cut, to brown red. The grain is intertwined and changes from thin to medium.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw is easy and has no difficulties for hand work. The main defect is the possible presence of barley seeds.

DRYING: Regular drying speed, with important risk of deformation.

USES: Plywood boards, furniture and cabinetmaking, musical instruments.

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