African Mahogany

African Mahogany is very similar to South American Mahogany, but this one has the advantage of being cheaper and having more availability.

Although is usually meant for necks, it’s so easy to treat and has a so light weight that is great for sounding boards and guitar backs too.

Take in account the acoustic and esthetic qualities of African Mahogany backs for acoustic guitars, Maderas Barber has the biggest quality in market.

BOTANICAL NAME: Khaya ivorensis.

ORIGIN: Cameroon

DESCRIPTION: Light color wood with a 490-530 kg/m3 density. Whiteness has a yellowish cream white color and heartwood has a pale pink/pale red color, darkening to dark brown with a gold brightness. Straight medium grain.

SUGGESTIONS: Is an easy to work, glue and finish wood. However, if the grain results to be intertwined, cracking can be a problem. Its wood dust can produce mucosa irritation.

DRYING: Fast drying speed, with some deformation and cracking risks, which can increase in tightened or very intertwined grain woods.

USES: Is a very versatile wood. Apart from necks and heels, it’s also used for sounding boards, sides and electric/acoustic guitar bodies.

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