Mexican Granadillo

The Mexican Granadillo is a wood widely used in string instruments due to its acoustic and physical properties. On one hand, it reflects the sound in a fresh and special way, and on the other hand, it offers a high natural durability against the attacks of the fungies that degrade the wood.

On top of that, this an attractive wood because of its tonalities, so the Mexican Granadillo backs for acoustic guitars from Maderas Barber, will become a great ally for your instrument.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia granadillo

ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION:800-1000kg/m3 density

SUGGESTIONS: It’s recommended to keep it in places with no abrupt temperature changes and also to be used with very sharpen blades.

DRYING: Drying speed is slow.

USES: Mexican Granadillo is very valued by luthiers due to its acoustic properties. Crafts, knife handles, castanets and marimba keys.

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