European Walnut

The European Walnut is a super beautiful wood in every way. Aesthetically, it has a range of beautiful browns and open grains that guarantee a natural high-level finish.

This wood species goes in the heavy wood range, although it is not as hard as the Maple. The sound of the Walnut is similar to the Maple, but without having clearly marked the highest frequencies, and it guarantes a solid mid-range crystalline. It is a wood easy to work, perfect to make backs for acoustic guitar.

BOTANICAL NAME: Junglans regia


ORIGIN: South East Europe

DESCRIPTION: The wood color goes from grey to light brown in the sapwood and from greyish brown to grey in the heartwood. It frequently has very dark colored grains, usually almost black. The grain is usually straight, but it can be uneven too.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw is hard because of its hardness and the presence of knots and other imperfections complicates the cut. It’s recommended to have precaution in order to not cause abrupt temperature changes for the wood.

DRYING: We might cause deformations if we try to speed up the process, so it needs to be slow.

USES: European Walnut can’t be used outdoors because of its durability, that’s why it’s mainly used for musical instruments, indoor carpentry and furniture.

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