The Padouk is a durable wood. Its acoustic properties are very good to make guitars, due it makes a clear and clean sound because of its medium density. Aesthetically it is not a common wood: it is a very striking wood and it distinguish any instrument due to the intense red color of its heartwood.

In addition to its acoustic properties, it is an easy wood to work with, making it a very good option for the backs of our acoustic guitar.

BOTANICAL NAME: Pterocarpus Tinctorius



DESCRIPTION: Red colored wood with a 825 Kg/m3 density. The sapwood is cloudy and the heartwood is red. The grain can be straight or slightly intertwined, it’s also thick or uneven.

SUGGESTIONS: Padouk is a very easy wood to work with and presents no difficulties for hand work. It’s important to apply the primer before using finishing products.

DRYING: Drying can be regular or fast, without barely any risk of deformation.

USES: Guitar sounding box. Xylophones.

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