Purple Heart

The Purple Heart guitars are special instruments. This is a unique wood that has an intense violet color that no other wood offers.

And if that was not enough, acoustically, the Purple Heart makes a bright tone very similar to that of the hard Maple, but warmer. The maximums are a little restricted due to the wood oil content.

Its hardness and density, make it a little complicated to work with, but the result will make it worthwhile. Choose the Purple Heart backs for your acoustic guitar if you are looking for a unique and different touch, with the best acoustic quality.

BOTANICAL NAME: Peltogyne pubelcens


ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION: Sapwood color goes from pale pink to white, heartwood color turns into a stronger violet on contact with air.

SUGGESTIONS: The Wood tends to get dark on contact with air, saw is easy, but requires big powerful equipments. Saws become blunt quickly.

DRYING: It can change from slow to regular speed, with some risks of deformations

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