Santos Rosewood

Santos Rosewood is very demanded by luthiers nowadays. It’s used as a Rosewood and Bubinga alternative with a singular beauty and perfect acoustic properties to make sounding boards.

Its quality-price relationship is one of the reasons why it’s become so popular lately. Acoustically, it has a brighter and warmer sound than Ebony, without forgetting its percussive attack and great sustain. Its resistance and hardness are other reasons to choose this wood.

Enjoy the mesh of Santos Rosewood backgrounds for acoustic guitar beauty, available in Maderas Barber, always of the best quality.

BOTANICAL NAME: Machaerium scleroxylon


ORIGIN: Brazil

DESCRIPTION: 940 kg/m3 density wood of different tonalities. The whiteness has a light yellow color and the heartwood can change a lot, going from reddish orange to violet brown. Dark contrasted grain, usually straight, but sometimes it can be irregular or intertwined too. It has a thin texture and a high natural bright.

SUGGESTIONS: Machining has an average difficulty. It tends to blunt the tools. Good natural finish. High toxicity caused by the wood dust.

DRYING: Slow drying speed. It hardly presents deformation risks, but maybe a new crack or aggravating the existent ones.

USES: Apart from being used for fingerboards, it’s also used for sounding boards, bridges, headplates, tops and wind instruments.

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