Backs for Acoustic Guitar approximate measurements: (550x215/230x4,5 mm)x2

Acoustic Guitar Backs are made of the same wood as Sides and close the body, fulfilling a function of reflectors or diffusers sound. After Tops, Sides and Backs are the parts of the Acoustic Guitar that most influence the sound, around 20%, although this number is estimated. What is unquestionable is that Sides and Backs significantly affect the sound, especially the timbre, so the difference between an Acoustic Guitar from one or other wood is remarkable. However, unlike Tops, when choosing the Backs are also taken into account their aesthetic qualities, so the figures and knots can be highly prized in some woods for Backs. Traditionally, Backs for Acoutic Guitar have been made with Indian Rosewood, but now are also highly appreciated Curly Maple, Walnut, Ebony, Mahogany or Cocobolo, among many others.

Choose your Backs for Acoustic Guitar from the wide variety of woods in Maderas Barber.
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