The Macacauba is a very unique and hard to find wood. In the music industry, it is used exclusively for backs and sides, and sometimes for fingerboards.

In addition to its beautiful and attractive appearance with bright colors, the Macacauba has a unique sound that makes it special to make acoustic guitar backs. Its clear and defined tone, is one of the acoustic properties that have made it an appreciated wood by luthiers.

BOTANICAL NAME: Platymiscium spp


ORIGIN: Central and South America

DESCRIPTION: 950 kg/m3 density. The heartwood color can be changeable, from a gloss red to a reddish or purple dark brown, usually with darker lines.

SUGGESTIONS: It generally has good work qualities both for hand tools and machine tools, though intertwined grains must be treated carefully to avoid any cracks.

DRYING: It has to be slowly.

USES: Furnitures, sheet, musical instruments and small wood specialized articles.

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