The Sycamore is one of the best options if we are looking for a wood with a good density / rigidity ratio. This quality has made it one of the most used woods in acoustic, classical and electric guitars.

This is known wood for having a focused sound, with a quick fall of the note that cuts through a mix. It also has a brilliant acoustic sound, something very admired by the Luthiers.

Thanks to all these advantages, Sycamore backs for acoustic guitar from Barber Maderas are a very good option for your instrument due to its quality and its great performance.

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Arce, Plátano falso.

ORIGIN: Central Europe and Middle Asia

DESCRIPTION: 640 Kg/ m3 density. The wood color is white or light yellow. The whiteness wood has no difference from the heartwood. The grain can be straight or waved. The porous is thin.

SUGGESTIONS: The mechanism can present some problems due to the intertwined fibre, it’s better to adjust the angle by 15º. It’s also recommended to dry it in low temperatures chambers.

DRYING: It dries good in the air, but it can suffer from color variations and stains. A fast dry is important for wood to preserve its white tonality.

USES: Decorations, furniture, woodworking and, of course, musical instrument.

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