Mahogany (CITES)

Mahogany has a uniform density which means a stable and solid neck. The open grains of this wood make work easier.

Regarding the sound, it somehow absorbs the chords vibration, affecting the attack and the high notes and offering warm tones that tend into low and halftones.

On the other side, Mahogany wood doesn’t bright for its appearance: uniform colour without remarkable patterns or figures. However, Mahogany quality remains in its ability to balance the distribution between the instrument weights and give a neutral and correct sound. Choose Mahogany wood for your acoustic guitar neck if you’re searching for security and balance.

BOTANICAL NAME: Swietenia macrophylla.

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Mahogany, American Mahogany.

ORIGIN: Brasil

DESCRIPTION:490-530 kg/m3 density reddish brown wood. The sapwood colour is whitish or yellowish white and pink in the heartwood, but it gets reddish brown in time too. It frequently has very attractive grains. This is also straight, but slightly intertwined sometimes and its size goes form medium to thin.

SUGGESTIONS: Machining is usually very easy, except in figured areas. Gluing and finishing are good. Direct contact can cause skin irritations.

DRYING: Drying speed is fast with little deformation and crack risks.

USES: This is a very versatile and demanded wood, so it’s used in Body tops and Electric Guitar and Bass bodies, purflings, heels, sounding boards and necks.

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