Wood hardness and density considerably affects resonance, timbre, strength and neck’s weight.

As the neck’s weight really influences the guitar balance, the neck’s density influences its resonance and resistance. A thicker neck will be more resistant and resounding, at least initially.

The kind of wood chosen for this part of the guitar will also have a big influence on the instrument final sound.For instance, Fender Stratocaster have a maple neck, while Guibson Les Paul are almost totally made of Chestnut wood. The two guitars are known for having different tones: Guibson are warm and full of essence, whereas the Stratocaster produces a more defined and brilliant sound.

Numbered luthiers make necks of two sticked woods that are simetricaly cut in order to obtain the rigidity of the thick woods and the beauty of the exotic woods. Maderas Barber offers a large range of possibilities for this visible and so important part of your instrument.

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