Curly Maple

Maple has, without any doubt, the best density-rigidity relationship and is one of the most used for building acoustic guitars, specially necks. This wood reflects sound due to its good sustain.

Besides, is a very resistant wood that holds tension very well in the neck. That’s why Curly Maple is a great option for making acoustic guitar necks.

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus

ORIGIN: Central and East Europe

DESCRIPTION: 610 – 680 kg/m3 density white wood. The colour of this wood is white or light yellow, although the sapwood is no different from the heartwood. The rays are visible and appear as very thin and decorative lines. The grain changes from straightness to waving. It’s also thin. The curl is very appreciated for its aesthetics.

SUGGESTIONS: The machining can show some problems because of the intertwined grains. Tools usually become blunt. It has good qualities to bend against vapour. Both gluing and finishing don’t present any problem. This wood resists against fungus and sensitive to termites. It stains easily, it’s recommended not to keep it in humid places.

DRYING: It’s recommended to dry it in low temperature chambers in order to avoid colour alterations and stains. If you make drying fast, the wood will keep its white colour tone.

USES: Is a very versatile and required wood, so apart from being used for Archtop Guitar necks, it’s also used for Acoustic and Classic Guitar sounding boards, also for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass Backs, Sides and Necks, and  Electric Guitar and Bass Bodies and Necks.

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