African Mahogany

African Mahogany Wood has a lot of similarities with Mahogany wood, so it’s best for making necks. Due to Mahogany restrictions, African Mahogany is becoming a direct rival. Their differences are that African Mahogany is darker and easier to work with, besides form being cheaper.

Without doubt, this acoustic guitar is one of the best options in market for this part of the instrument because, as well as Mahogany wood, it has a uniform density and a warm tone. Find out the efficiency of these Maderas Barber’s African Mahogany necks for acoustic guitar, they won’t let you down.

BOTANICAL NAME: Khaya ivorensis

ORIGIN: Cameroon

DESCRIPTION:490-530 kg/m3 density light colored wood. The sapwood colour is cream white and the heartwood colour is pale pink or pale red, getting dark into a more dark brown colour with a golden brightness. The grain is usually straight and medium sized.

SUGGESTIONS: Drying speed is fast. There are deformation and cracking risks; those risks become bigger in tension woods or with a very intertwined grain.

USES: This is a very versatile wood, apart from necks and heels, it’s also used for sounding boards, purflings and electric guitar and bass bodies.

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