Sycamore belongs to Maples family and sheres lots of similarities regarding this acoustic wood sound properties.

Sycamore offers an ideal density-rigidity relationship to make acoustic guitar necks and presents a great homogeneity in the grain and its aesthetics. Therefore, is stable and strong, which turns out into a solid neck.

Check the quality and efficiency of Sycamore with these Maderas Barber’s acoustic guitar necks.

BOTANICAL NAME: acer pseudoplatanus

ORIGIN: Central Europe and West Asia

DESCRIPTION: 640 Kg/m3 density. The colour of this wood is white or light yellow. The sapwood is the same as the heartwood. The grain can be straight or uneven, usually thin.

SUGGESTIONS: Machining might presents some problems due to the intertwined grain, it’s recommended to change the blade angle to 15º. Low temperatures chambers are recommended during drying process.

DRYING: It dries well in the air, but colour alterations and stains might appear. It is important to dry it fast so the wood keeps its white colour.

USES: Besides fingerboards, it’s also used for sounding boards and guitar sides.

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