Honduras Cedar (CITES)

Honduras Cedar is a very stable and durable wood, perfect qualities for making acoustic guitar necks.

When we make Honduras Cedar it’s important to have in mind that the wood isn’t dry and that, as straight as the grain is and the least knots it has, the better stability the final neck will have. Regarding the sound, Cedar can provide a clean one and a good tone reflection.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cedrela odorata

ORIGIN: Brasil

DESCRIPTION: 450-600 kg/m3 density brown colored wood. The heartwood goes from pale pink brown to dark reddish brown that gets darker at light, the sapwood has a lighter colour. The grain is straight or slightly intertwined and has a medium size. This wood has a distinctive smell. The Honduras Cedar dust can cause irritations in the throat and mucosa.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw is easy, but the resin can stick on these saws. The machining presents no problems and glues well, but again the resin can need a previous treatment for the surface. Finishing is necessary to make a previous treatment with the grain filler.

DRYING: Drying speed is fast, but it has to be done at low temperatures to avoid collapse.

USES: Mainly used for Necks, Heels, Electric Guitar and Bass Bodies and Reinforcements.

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