Indian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood gives an excellent balance between resistance and sound quality, so it’s probably one of the most used woods for guitar bridges. It has a slow growth, which gives a uniform structure and hardness, needed for this part of the instrument.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia latifolia.

COMMERCIAL NAMES:Palo Santo de India, Palisandro de India, Palisandro rosa índico.


DESCRIPTION: 870-900kg/m3 density wood with brown, pink or violet tonalities. Its whiteness colour is light yellowish white and the heartwood colour goes from violet dark pink to purple brown, it gets darker when drying. It has dark violet grains. Grain is also waved and thick.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw and machining are complicated due to its waved grain and the presence of scale deposits.

DRYING: Drying time is slow, nearly without breaking risks, but maybe some cuts. The colour of the wood improves with time.

USES: It has many of them, apart form being used for Fingerboards, it’s also used for sounding boxes, Bridges, Headplates and some pieces of Hurdy-Gurdy.

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