African Ebony

African Ebony is the most used wood in bridges making for acoustic guitar history. Its rigidity and density, along with its acoustic properties are the main reasons why this wood has been used by luthiers for years all over the world. Its great resistance makes it very suitable for acoustic guitar bridges because it holds well the chords tension.

Choose African Ebony bridges for your acoustic guitar from Maderas Barber if you’re searching balance between sound quality, beauty and resistance.

BOTANICAL NAME:Diospyros crassiflora Hiern.

 ORIGIN: Central and West Africa

DESCRIPTION:1030-1050 kg/m3 density black colored wood. It has a light colour in the sapwood and black in the heartwood. We typically define this kind as the blackest one, but there might be white grains. This grain is thin and straight, but sometimes it can appear as intertwined too.

SUGGESTIONS: It easily cracks with temperature changes or relative humidity. Resistant to fungus and insects. Saw is easy, but tools need a constant sharpening, while machining and gluing get complicated as it’s a very dense and hard wood. Finishing presents no problems. It can cause eczemas or skin irritation.

DRYING: Drying speed goes from regular to slow. Better with small pieces, so not much risk of deformation or distortion as with the bigger ones.

USES: Apart from different fingerboards instruments, it’s also used for wind instruments.

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