Green Ebony

All Ebony types are hard and dense, Green Ebony is no exception. Perfect for guitar bridges for its good sound transmission and wear resistance. Therefore, its olive green colour makes it into a very exotic and claimed wood.

Choosing Green Ebony is choosing a good acoustic wood with quality and resistance. Fall in love with its sound properties and look.

BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros Durionoides


ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION:1000-1300kg/m3 density. The sapwood colour is white and the heartwood is black/dark brown with different shades of colours, but main one is olive green.

SUGGESTIONS: It can cause dermatitis, it’s recommended to keep it in a suitable temperature to prevent any crack.

DRYING: A special feature of this wood is that, even if it’s broken before it dries, it is possible that the crack closes again without any trace.

USES: Mainly for backs and sides, but also for fingerboards, bridges and headplates thanks to its properties.

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