Kingwood is a very requested Wood for guitar bridges. This is because some of its features are hardness and tension resistance, which are essential for this part of the guitar.

Besides, it has a clear sound thanks to its acoustic properties too, while its appearance gives this exotic touch to any instrument.

Maderas Barber has Kingwood bridges of a great quality, so find out more about it!

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia cearensis.


ORIGIN: Brasil

DESCRIPTION: 1020 kg/m3density brown/violet colored wood. The sapwood is light yellow and the heartwood goes from reddish brown to dark violet. Grain is usually straight, but occasionally intertwined. It has a fine and uniform texture and a good natural bright.

SUGGESTIONS: Working (and gluing) with this wood might be difficult because of a high density. Finishing is great and it also has a good response to brushing.

DRYING: Slow drying speed. You need to be careful with the oiled wood, it can interrupt the process.

USES: Fingerboards, sounding boards and guitar bridges.

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