Sycamore is a very admired wood for its acoustic, bright sound, and for having a perfect density and rigidity ratio. This wood is also very easy to work and to glue which are important qualities to make bridges.


Another determining factor to choose Sycamore for your instrument is that it is a sustainable wood, abundant and easily accessible.


Get the Sycamore bridges for acoustic guitar from Maderas Barber and discover this wood with a great definition and beautiful timbre.

BOTANICAL NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Arce, Plátano falso.

ORIGIN: Central Europe and Middle Asia

DESCRIPTION: 640 Kg/ m3 density. The wood colour is white or light yellow. The whiteness wood has no difference from the heartwood. The grain can be straight or waved. The porous is thin.

SUGGESTIONS: The mechanism can present some problems due to the intertwined fibre, it’s better to adjust the angle by 15º. It’s also recommended to dry it in low temperatures chambers.

DRYING: It dries good in the air, but it can suffer from colour variations and stains. A fast dry is important for wood to preserve its white tonality.

USES: Fingerboards, sounding boards and guitar sides.

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