Madagascar Rosewood (CITES)

The most similar to Palo Santo de Río, a very restricted and protected wood for its overuse. Madagascar Rosewood offers a clear sound. Its rigidity and capacity to support tension make it into a great option for acoustic guitar bridge making.

BOTANICAL NAME: Dalbergia baronii

ORIGIN: Madagascar

DESCRIPTION: Brown in colour wood with dark netting and a 920 kg/m3 density. The whiteness colour of this wood is yellow and the heartwood goes from yellowish brown to dark orange or reddish brown colour. Dark grain are common so it can create a spider-webbing figure. This grain is also usually straight with a thin-medium texture.

SUGGESTIONS: Working with this wood is usually easy, but you have to be careful with gluing and finishing due to its oily nature.

DRYING: Drying time is slow. The process can be interrupted for its oily property, so be careful.

USES: Besides being used for fingerboards, it’s also used for sounding boards.

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