Ziricote is a spectacular wood, very appreciated by its appearance and beauty, which surface imitates landscapes and figures in a unique way. However, beauty is not the only quality.

This wood also has great acoustic properties. Ziricote’s tone is between Indian Rosewood and Makassar Ebony, clearer than the first one and more harmonic than the second. Its density and hardness are exceptional for acoustic guitar bridges.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cordia dodecandra


ORIGIN: Central America

DESCRIPTION: 805 kg/m3 density. Heartwood goes from dark brown to light brown, a green or purple tone appears sometimes, with dark intertwined borders of the black growth rings. Ziricote has a very singular look, it’s one of the most beautiful woods in the world, its draw seems like a landscape and some places call it “spider’s web”. The whiteness has a pale yellow colour, it’s sometimes integrated to the design for an aesthetic effect or in order to reduce wastes too.

SUGGESTIONS: Ziricote is easy to work with based on its density. It bends easily, in most of cases, it also sticks without problems (Natural wood oils rarely interfere in the glue process).

DRYING: Drying time is slow, that’s why you have to be careful during the process because deformations and breaks can be appeared.

USES: Furnitures, sheet, heads, musical instruments (electric and acoustic guitars).

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