Tension and rigidity are distinctive features for guitar bridges woods. Bocote does have thes properties, but it also offers a powerful and warm tone.

This wood is being more and more appreciated by luthiers due to its good acoustic and singular beauty. It has eye-shaped figures and little circles that gives an exotic touch to your guitar.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cordia eleagnoides.

ORIGIN: Mexico

DESCRIPTION: 950-1200kg/m3 density Reddish orange-coloured brown. It’s a medium hard wood with an even texture. Uniform lines too, broken by little knots similar to eyes figures. It has a yellowish brown colour with dramatic dark brown, almost black,  grains that tend to get darker with time. The grain pattern can be very impressive, also very appreciated for its contrasts. It’s heavy and tough.

SUGGESTIONS: Easy to work with, good response to gluing. It also has a good polishing, getting good finishing results. It’s highly resistant to insects.

DRYING: Slow and delicate, specially in branched or counter-mesh pieces.

USES: Besides being used for fingerboards of different instruments, it’s also used for the sounding board, the headplate and the acoustic and classic guitar bodies.

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