Wenge is very common for making electric guitar and bass necks, but also for bridges as an alternative to other more expensive wood such as Rosewood or Ebony.

Despite of the need of a bigger treatment in bridges, Wenge has a good gluing and perfectly supports the string tension. It’s solid and stable so is not easy to wear away.

Maderas Barber has a big stock of acoustic guitar Wenge bridges.

BOTANICAL NAME: Milettia leurentii

COMMERCIAL NAMES: Awong, Panga-Panga

ORIGIN: Central Africa

DESCRIPTION: 830 Kg/m3 density. The whiteness wood colour is cloudy or light yellow and the heartwood goes from dark brownish to violet black with thin grains. The fibre is straight and the porous are thick.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s highly recommended to use a big powerfulequipment for serrating, utils are quickly blunt. Gluing is tricky due to the presence of resin cells.

DRYING: Drying time is slow, there is a risk for deformations.

USES: Musical instruments, furniture, woodworking.

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