Adirondack is rather heavy, its has a high sound speed and a greater rigidity due to the width and length of the grain in all wood tops.

It has solid bases, as well as Sitka, but also shows a more complex harmonic sounds. Tops made with Adirondack have volume limit higher than any other kind and a rich tone peak that keeps the clarity of all dynamical levels too.

BOTANICAL NAME:  Picea rubra

ORIGIN: Northwest America and East Canada

DESCRIPTION: The colour of this wood goes from white to pale yellow, the sapwood has the same tone as the heartwood, the grain is straight and goes from thin to medium.

SUGGESTIONS: Machining is done easily, but sometimes knots can cause some problems. Gluing, hammering and screwing are good.

DRYING: No deformation risks.

USES: Sounding boards for musical instruments, inside carpentry, woodwork.

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