Sitka Spruce

Stika Spruce is one of the most important tonal woods for guitar making, thanks to its tonal features.

In addition, they offer a good look, like the “bearclaw” pattern that appears in some boards. It’s not very resistant to descomposition, but with right treatment and care it can last for decades. It has an attractive bright, which turns into an attractive guitar look after the finishing process.

In the finishing process, Sitka dyes easily compared to other woods. It doesn’t have an specific smell and allergies are rare. It’s definitely one of the most used woods for guitar tops.

BOTANICAL NAME:  Picea sitchensis

ORIGIN: North America and Europe

DESCRIPTION: 360-490 kg/m3 density. The sapwood colour is cream white and the heartwood colour is mostly the same. The grain is usually straight, but maybe you can find it as spiral or twist.

SUGGESTIONS: Saw is easy and has an average blunt. It doesn’t’ have a particular smell and allergies are rare.

DRYING: Fast drying speed. As it’s a white coloured wood, you have to be careful with the storage temperature, stains can appear due to humidity.

USES: Acoustic steel guitars, classic guitars, wooden airplanes, stair rails.

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