Red Cedar

This wood is less dense than Spruce, so this softness means a warmer sound. Cedar also makes silent tones stronger.


Western Cedar Neck has a greater sound speed than any other Piceas, a higher quantity of tones, a less fundamental content and less grain rigidity. Besides, Cedar tops have significant shorter breaking time than Spruce tops. So, Cedar tops will get its best sound faster than Spruce tops.


Some luthiers have described this wood tone as “intimate”, they say is a pleasant wood to work with and that the final result might surprise you.

BOTANICAL NAME:  Thuja plicata

ORIGIN: Canada

DESCRIPTION: 330-390 kg/m3 density. The colour of this is greyish white in the sapwood and dark chocolate brown or saffron yellow in the fresh cut heartwood, it gets into a more uniform reddish brown if it’s exposed in the air, outdoors it gets a very appreciated silver grey colour. The grain is straight and thin.

SUGGESTIONS: Is easy to work with, but easily scratched too due to its low hardness. Gluing and finishing are good. Ironed fastening can stain and discolour the wood. It is known for being almost impossible to rot.

DRYING: Slow drying speed, but easy.

USES: Mainly for tops.

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